Enhance Regional Tourism

Charging stations strategically located near shops, attractions, cafés, and restaurants will showcase Charge North communities, offer visitors many convenient ways to enjoy an area, and support walkable tourism.

Connect Communities

With 30 Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) Stations being installed on Highways 16, 97 and 5, travel to and within central and northern BC will be convenient and reliable.

Leave more money in your wallet

Filling your car with electricity instead of gas can save you more than $1,200 a year…but that doesn’t even include savings on maintenance. Say goodbye to oil changes!

Make dear Mother Nature happy

Breathe deep! More electric vehicles on BC roads means less emissions from vehicle travel, helping our region meet climate action goals and improving our air quality.

EV’s in the north? You bet….the EV stations in the Charge North network are planned with local geography and climate in mind. Enjoy these winter driving videos!